Kaddy Stroller, the original compact
three wheel golf push cart.

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Why you’ll prefer Kaddy Stroller



Patented in 1996, Kaddy Stroller established and continues to lead the industry for three wheel golf.



Our materials are engineered to last and backed by an unprecedented lifetime frame warranty with 3-years on parts.



Kaddy Stroller makes the most of your time on the course, bringing all the health benefits of walking with none of the hassle.



Our fast ez-fold action means less time spent on set-up and break-down, more time enjoying the game.

Kaddy Stroller Details

checkmarkWider pneumatic 12" wheels for low rolling drag

checkmarkSealed steel bearings for effortless roll

checkmarkUpright bag angle for easy club removal

checkmarkHigh quality wrap-around aluminum frame

checkmarkShock-absorbing struts for a smoother roll

checkmarkQuick release locking park and hand brake

checkmarkFolded dimensions: 34" L x 18" W x 16" H

checkmarkLightweight at just 18 lbs.

Kaddy Stroller has been carefully designed by passionate golfers who want to bring maximum enjoyment to your game. We invented the 3-wheel push cart, and we think we have the finest product available today. We stand behind every product we make, that’s why we back each Kaddy Stroller with an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the frame, and 3-year warranty against defects. We know we make a good product. If for some reason your Kaddy Stroller proves otherwise, please contact us and we will assist in making things right.

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  • Golfers love Kaddy Stroller!

    “Thanks very much for the Kaddy Stroller, it is great. I don't know how I ever managed without one. I usually carry my bag but this is the next best thing to having a caddy. My back, my shoulders and my game Thank you very much. Good luck and I am bound to send you more business."

    -B. Brooks, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Golfers love Kaddy Stroller!

    “I love to walk when golfing for the exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors. However, I did have shoulder pain. That is until I purchased your Kaddy Stroller. This product saved the day."

    -J.L. Shearer

  • Golfers love Kaddy Stroller!

    “I was injured in 1987 and was left with a very bad ankle, and could not walk a course because of it. I saw a kaddystroller last year and gave it a try. What separates the Kaddystroller cart from all others is the length; your cart gives me support similar to using a walker. When I push down on the handle of all other pushcarts the front wheel comes off the ground easily and gives no help to a person with physical problems. I had discovered years ago that pushing a grocery cart eased the pain in my ankle and your golf cart gives me the same type of support. I thought you might want to know this as it would help others with leg problems to enjoy being able to walk while playing the greatest game in the world.”

    -R. Knoepfle, Ohio

  • Golfers love Kaddy Stroller!

    “I want to thank you for the incredibly quick response to my earlier question. My new stroller was pulling to the left and now it rolls nice and straight! To receive a personal phone call only hours after sending you an e-mail was quite unexpected. I have shared this story of incredible customer service with all who would listen. Thanks, again!”

    -M. Fisher

  • Golfers love Kaddy Stroller!

    “I purchased a Kaddy Stroller golf push cart about two years ago and it has been a dream! I walk eighteen holes four times a week. When I was dragging my old hand cart it wore me out! I have no such problem with the Kaddy Stroller. I refer to it as my trolley (that is what they call a walking golf cart in Ireland). I was the first to have a push, three wheeled cart at our club and got a great deal of laughs at first, now they are everywhere. I've looked at and compared the others to the Kaddy Stroller and they all cost more, are heavier, have treaded tires which make them hard to push and don't fold down near as easy or compact as my trolley. I have the only Kaddy Stroller in my foursome, like kids we let them go in a race on downhill fairways and I've not lost a race yet!”

    -G.C. Radonski, Cape Carteret, NC

  • Golfers love Kaddy Stroller!

    “I am completely satisfied with my new Kaddy Stroller for several reasons, besides the savings in cart fees and the exercise: 1) It is so easy to fold and since the back wheels come off with a push of a button, it fits in the trunk of my BMW 530i (including clubs) with absolutely no problem, and 2) I accidentally broke one of the buckles and customer service was great in sending me a new one at no charge, even explaining over the phone how to install it. I couldn't be more satisfied with this purchase!”

    -B. Heidebrecht, Austin, TX